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This is the new page that will help me achieve my goal of providing Technology news, history, tech updates and answer mostly asked technology questions. I have now a plan to make this site TECH Blog, I think if any of you had been following this blog for the past time, you have seen that I wasn’t stable, Nothing permanent, always changing topics, and you have seen that I spent three months without any post. Sorry if I disappointing you my readers but now i promise, you will be getting new post every week, I’m saying it like this because I’m not sure if I can get time to prepare a post everyday but I’m sure and I promise you that I’m able to get new one post every week.

For improving reader’s interest in my blog I have just created another Page where I will be posting stories, I mean Story, as a story you know, fiction, real. One story a time and when it ended, you get another one. You will be getting one a week too. I mean one part of a story in one week.

The specific day for getting posts is on Friday. You get one story, and one post in Technology. I’m sorry if this seems inappropriate to anyone but this is according to time I get. I’m a student so I must also focus on my studies too.

In Technology articles, There are 3 categories, which are:

Technology news:

In technology news, you get news that are being said in technology, updates you need to know every week, new inventions, etc.

Technology History:

In this category, you get everything that is said about famous people who Invented different things in Technology, what they invented, everything that was said years ago in world of technology.

My Imaginations:

This category contains my ideas, on technology, how I think it should be, how it must have been, What I think needs to be changed, and every change I need in Technology.