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I got no much things i know about myself, I’m 16 years old boy, I’m a student in high school, I try to make everything perfect but I know nothing can be perfect, so I do the way that satisfy me.

As human nature, no one is satisfied on where he/she is today, we work and work to reach to advanced level, you don’t know where you will stop, you just work until your last breath, I think I’m like that too and i will always be like that…..

More About me

Most of writers, write because of some inspiration they have got. They find inspiration to write about. Now when I have inspiration I write too. But after writing something, I feel like i don’t like it. what can I do after that, I need motivation from people around me. So that’s why later days, my mother motivated me when she found me reading the story I had written, I felt more special, but don’t make it obvious. I felt more helpful, and more supported. That made me realize that…

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